Photo by Rosalinda Carrillo

Photo by Rosalinda Carrillo

“BeaufunK is one of the best Bay Area bands I’ve heard in the last 20 years.”
– Joe Amadeo: KOME, Publisher BAM Magazine, 
Associate Executive Producer of The Bay Area Music Awards

Since inception by founding member Timm Walker in 2007, the core unit of BeaufunK has now settled into a lineup of true funk extremists - Frank Acosta (guitar/vocals), Wilson Brooks (drums/vocals), Lorenzo Hawkins (keys), Jim Peterson (sax/flute/vocals), Timm Walker (bass/vocals). With featured lead vocalists Michael Jeffries (formerly of Tower of Power), and Fred Ross (of Pee Wee Ellis and Cold Blood), the group delivers a powerful funk punch.  The name BeaufunK has become synonymous with the funkiest in the Bay Area and beyond.  This unit is known to bring crowds to their feet and out onto the dance floor.

beau: (adjective) beautiful, original, good    
funk: (noun) music characterized by strong bass lines, heavy downbeat, a percussive vocal style, and static harmonies

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