BeaufunK marries the funk styles of New Orleans and Oakland.  Their music captures the infectious tribal vibe of New Orleans funk and second line and blends it with Oakland's style of precise musical punctuation and greasy syncopated rhythms.  This blend is a potent dance combination and makes for a festive party atmosphere. BeaufunK's extensive repertoire of cover songs of legendary funk bands such as James Brown, The Meters, Tower of Power, and many more, along with a sensitive mixing in of their own original music, gets audiences on their feet and keeps them there! 

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“BeaufunK is one of the best Bay Area bands 
I’ve heard in the last 20 years.”
– Joe Amadeo: KOME, Publisher BAM Magazine, 
Associate Executive Producer of The Bay Area Music Awards
Copyright 2012 BeaufunK: Bay Area Funk. All rights reserved.

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beau(adjective) beautiful, original, good    
funk(noun) music characterized by strong bass lines, heavy downbeat, a percussive vocal style and static harmonies 
Photo by Rosalinda Carrillo